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After Sale Service:

The following is our policy and promise for our deep hole drilling machine,gun drilling machine,deep hole honing machine and deep hole skiving roller burnishing machine.

1. In time and fast presale service,reply customer’s email within 6 hours.

2. After receive the order from customer,report the manufacturing process to customer termly.

3.when the order is finished,prepare all documents in time,engineers will come to end-user factory to install and commission our machines.

4. In time and considerable after sale service to support all of our end users. If email or telephone communication could not solve the problem,our enginners would like to fly to the end user factory to do necessary support.

5.Our principle: “we will help our customer to get back their investment soonest.  We will be your loyal friends for ever.”


In time and satisfied after sale service:

nIf customer could afford round trip tickets,we will despatch our engineers to install and commission the machines for end users. All of our skilled workers have the passport and could arrive in end users factory very fast.

nAlso if end users has deep hole processing difficulties,if they afford round trip tickets,we would like to fly to their factory for technical instruction as well.


24 hours at your service: