Deep Hole Honing Machine For Repairing Cylinder

Deep Hole Honing Machine For Repairing Cylinder

The machine is with Delta PLC control;Coolant standard configuration is Paper filtration and Magnetic filtration. Guide rail adopts circular linear guide rail, driven by rack and pinion structure....

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Deep hole honing machine for repairing cylinder

Machine Operation: Honing controlled by Delta PLC

Component Details: Common steel


Machine Specifications:

Deep hole honing machine

 Machine specification

Honing diameter range


Max.honing diameter


Maximum honing depth


Workpiece clamping diameter range


Spindle rotary speed range


Main motor power

7.5kw(Variable frequency motor ,stepless)

Honing head expansion motor power


Cooling pump flow         External oil feeding


                                       Internal oil feeding


Cooling tank volume


Cooling pump motor power   External oil feeding


                                              Internal oil feeding


Cooling mode(for honing head)

External and internal oil feeding combined mode

Reciprocating motor power

4.5Kw(Servo motor Stepless)

Infeed speed range


Machine mainly features

▲The honing head expansion and tightening is under the servo control,which constant pressure expanding and tightening can be realized.

  1. Honing head tightening/expanding pressure is stable. Servo motor set the tightening/expanding pressure by torque,the pressure is constantly.
  2. It can inspect the workpiece inner hole automatically,which can realize partial honing,enhance the working efficiency. In the constant pressure mode, the honing head digitally displays the torque of each point in the workpiece during the honing process through the torque display table,  so that we can judge the workpiece inner hole condition. The operator can first partial honing parts of the workpiece with small hole size according to the actual situation, and then througly honing when the aperture is uniform.In this way, Not only the work efficiency can be improved, but also  the cylindricity and straightness of the workpiece can be guaranteed.
  3. Servo control can be controlled through CNC system panel,digital read,adjustment accuracy.



▲Cooling method:External and internal oil feeding combined mode

  1. Honing oil go inside through honing bar,which can make the coolant oil form into higher pressure,which will have big force to wash the honing dirties.
  2. Internal honing oil feeding can make up the long workpiece honing defect. When honing long workpiece(more than 1.5m),only use external honing oil feeding,which could not cool and wash the honing head,but by internal oil feeding ,which can cool and wash the honing head in time. The threshing of strong honing stone can make the honing stone keep sharp and greatly improve the honing efficiency and processing quality.
  3. You can choose external oil feeding method when you processing short workpiece.


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