Hydraulic Cylinder Honing Machine

Hydraulic Cylinder Honing Machine

The hydraulic cylinder honing machine is for repairing hydrualic cylinders or other tubes to get good surface roughness,our honing machine can hone the hole from 25mm to 800m,depth is from 500mm to 200000mm,many models are available. Honing head expanding is controlled by hydraulic,can realize partial honing and completely honing....

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Hydraulic Cylinder Honing Machine
This machine is specially for all kinds of cylinder shaped workpiece, after worked by this machine, the accuracy up to IT7, surface roughness up to Ra0.2-Ra0.4um. Deep hole honing diameter range is from 30mm to 400mm. The max. Honing length is : 3000mm.(This parameters is for Model 2M2150x3000mm honing machine)

  • Hydraulic cylinder honing machine description:
    Machine bade base: Round linear guide rail,driven by rack and pinion(Gear and rack drive system) 

  • Rack and pinion infeeding driven(stable and precise)

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  • Workpiece supporting rest and honing bar supporting rest

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  • Honing head:Honing head expansion under the control of servo motor

    hydraulic cylinder honing machine650_副本

  • PLC control system

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  • Honing box

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  •  Coolant system 

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Hydraulic cylinder honing machine parameters:

Deep hole honing machine

 Technical Parameters

Deep hole honing diameter range


Maximum honing diameter


Maximum honing length


Workpiece clamping diameter range


Height from machine’s main shaft center line to workpiece’s machine base flat guide rail


Spindle speed range


Main motor power

11kw(inverter motor and infinite speed variation)

Honing head expanding hydraulic system oil pump motor power


Honing head expand hydraulic system oil pump flow


Coolant pump flow


Honing head hydraulic system Max. Tension force


Coolant chamber volume


Coolant pump motor power


Coolant mode(for honing head)

Combined outside and inside oil feeding

Reciprocating motor power

7.5Kw(servo motor and infinite speed variation)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Dispatch: 110working days. 

  • Packing: Export sea-worthy packing,naked packed,fasten by iron wire and cover by plastic. 

  • Freight&Insurance: by buyer. 

  • Training and commission: Buyer afford round tickets,local food,hotel. Engineer salary USD100/day, one person needed for about 15days. 

  • Payment:40% deposit in advance,60% balance after successful trails at sellers factory before dispatch. 

  • Toolings: toolings and accessories are ordered separately according to buyers needed size. 

  • Warranty:12 months from the date of installation or 13 month from the date of dispatch. 

  • Machine acceptance: Seller will test 2pcs jobs,buyer should depute their team for pre-acceptance trial . 

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