Deep Hole Skiving Roller Burnishing Machine

Deep Hole Skiving Roller Burnishing Machine

TGG2120 is the machine that speciallized for small diameter hot steel pipe. The machine design refers to Sierra of USA,combined rough boring,precision skiving& burnishing into one process. High efficient and high precision....

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Deep hole skiving roller burnishing Machine

Machine Brief:

TGG2120 is the machine that speciallized for small diameter hot steel pipe. The machine design refers to Sierra of USA,combined rough boring,precision skiving& burnishing into one process. High efficient and high precision.

Main parameters:




Working Capacity

Boring hole diameter range


Workpiece length


Boring bar box spindle parameters

Center height

> 350mm

Leading end of cone hole boring bar box Spindle

Ф85mm 1:20

The spindle speed range


Ac frequency conversion stepless speed regulation)

Output shaft torque


Feed parameters

Feed speed range


Plate moving fast



Machining accuracy



Locate the length


Workpiece surface roughness of boring


Workpiece surface roughness of rolling


Workpiece machining straightness

≤0.05/500 mm

Workpiece machining roundness


Feed motor

48NM   Ac servo motor

Hydraulic pump station motor

3KW    Ac motor

Output cooling pump motor power

11KW one set,

7.5KW one set


Automatic chip removal motor power

1.5KW  one set

Magnetic separator motor power

0.75KW  one set

Centralized lubrication motor

0.75KW  one set



Head of the biggest pre-tightening force for the workpiece


The cooling system flow


Cooling system rated pressure


Magnetic separator flow



Machine layout and details of each unit:

  • The machine consists of machine bed,machine head basement,job steady rest,hydraulic caliper,oil pressure head,oil pressure head carrier system,boring bar steady rest,high speed boring bar box,boring bar carrier infeeding system,coolant system,GSK electric system, auto lubrication system,motors and so on

  • Head frame basement,hydraulic caliper,oil pressure head,boring bar steady rest,boring bar box spindle concentration  installed by hand, In the middle of the machine bed,one end install Φ63T lead screw, parallelism  with guide rail is less than 0.05/1000mm,which drive oil press head move to adjust the length of the job. The other end install Φ80 ball screw,parallelism with guide rail is less than 0.05/1000mm,drive boring bar infeeding.

  • All turning parts support bearings all adopts NSK of Japan,which have long life span and high accuracy.

  • Coolant system is on side of the machine. Include chips conveyor,oil chamber and filtering system.  Coolant flow can get 600L/min,user can adjust by hole size. Coolant rated pressure is 0.36-3MPa.

  • Hydraulic system,which has independent hydraulic pump. One is for oil pressure head move,clamping and head frame job clamping pressure supply. The other is for tool tension and shrinkage. The tool use hydraulic driven system. Independent hydraulic pump,which makes hydraulic system working more steady,accuracy and more easy to maintain.

  • Lubricate system: Machine has completely lubricate system,boring bar box carrier,boring bar spindle box use high volume circulation lubrication,boring bar steady rest,oil pressure head,use manual lubricate. The lubricate hydraulic pump is independent installed. which is more steady and easy to maintain.

  • Electric control system; Electric control system adopts Siemens control,equips TFT screen. Machine operate can be manual and can be auto control. All low voltage components we use Schneider brand. The electric cabinet meet  GB5226.1 standard.

  • Machine safety guard;Mostly parts of the machine,use half enclosure.machine safety meet  GB15760 standard.


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