Deep hole Skiving and Roller Burnishing Machine

Deep hole Skiving and Roller Burnishing Machine

The deep hole skiving roller burnishing machine is mainly used in hydraulic cylinder industry,we have heavy duty model and standard model,with heavy duty,the skiving volume could be 5mm of single side. The normal model could be 0.5mm for single side. Infeed speed could be 1000mm/min,while surface roughness could be Ra0.05um-Ra0.4um......

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Deep Hole Skiving and Roller Burnishing Machine
The GG2120 CNC deep hole scraping and rolling machine adopts the processing method of workpiece fixed and tool rotary feed. Mainly composed of bed, positioning seat, workpiece bracket, workpiece holder, oil feeder, mast bracket, mast box, feed system, cooling system, hydraulic system, CNC control system and other components.

Deep hole Skiving and roller burnishing machine mainly structure
1. Bed: The machine bed is made of integral casting bed, aging treatment, double rectangular guide rail, good rigidity and large carrying capacity. The surface of the two flat rails is subjected to quenching and precision grinding, and the surface hardness is high, the movement precision is good, and the wear resistance is high.
2. Positioning seat: used for workpiece positioning and chip removal.
3. Workpiece bracket: Two sets of each machine tool,the main function is the workpiece auxiliary support, which is convenient for workpiece clamping, and its working position is lower than the workpiece clamping position.


4. Workpiece holder: It adopts V-shaped iron clasping structure on both sides to clamp the workpiece and resist cutting torque.


5. Oil feeder: used to support the tool and the mast and input coolant to the processing area.



6. Mast bracket: The mast damping sleeve is fixed on the bracket, and replaced with the mast damping sleeve when the mast is replaced. Easy replacement and good repeatability.


7. Mast box: The spindle motor is selected, the power is 60kW, the spindle has a wide range of constant power, and the second gear is used for stepless speed regulation. The speed range is 60-1000r/min. The spindle bearing adopts high-precision double-row cylindrical roller bearing and double-way thrust angular contact ball bearing, which makes the spindle rigid, high strength and good precision retention.
8. Automatic lubrication device: Lubricate the guide rail and lead screw pair.
9. Mast box feeding system: 7.75kW AC servo motor drive reducer is connected with the output gear-rack mechanism to transmit large torque, good rigidity and high precision.
10. Cooling system: The cooling system adopts the above-ground fuel tank structure. The cutting oil is taken away by the chain-type chip conveyor and then filtered through a filter (coarse filtration)-magnetic separator-fine filtration three-stage filtration treatment.
11. Hydraulic system: Located in the middle of the back side of the machine tool, the main hydraulic components are selected from Taiwan brand.

Deep hole skiving roller burnishing machine Parameters



Parameter(Model GG2120X8000mm)


Working scope

Boring hole diameter range


Workpiece length




Boring bar box spindle parameters

Center height

> 350mm

Leading end of cone hole boring bar box Spindle

Ф85mm 1:20


The spindle speed range

Ac frequency conversion stepless speed regulation)

Output shaft torque



Feed parameters

Feed speed range


Plate moving fast



Machining accuracy

Locate the length


Workpiece surface roughness of rolling


Workpiece machining straightness

≤0.05/500 mm

Workpiece machining roundness





Motor capacity

Boring bar motor power


Ac servo motor

Feed motor


Ac servo motor

Hydraulic pump station motor


Ac motor


Output cooling pump motor power

11KW one set,

7.5KW one set

Automatic chip removal motor power


one set

Magnetic separator motor power


one set

Centralized lubrication motor


one set



Head of the biggest pre-tightening force for the workpiece


The cooling system flow


Cooling system rated pressure


Magnetic separator flow



Packing and Loading

Total weight

About 26T

Machine size


Container loading

1*40GP + 1*20GP



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