Single Spindle Gun Drilling Machine

Single Spindle Gun Drilling Machine

Single spindle/double spindle/four spindles gun drilling machines are availble. Both cutting tool and job could be rotating. Unique design,good performance.......

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Gun drilling machine
The machine has many different application filed: Molds industry,Hydraulic fields,Automatic parts fields,textile fields,medical apparatus and instruments and Electric and turbine fields.

Gun drilling machine detail Introduction

Technical Items


Drilling diameter range


Max.Hole drilling depth


Machine total power


Hole length-diameter ratio


CNC control system:

Siemens 808 system

Main servo axes for gun drilling machine:


Servo motor drive ball screw through elastic coupling to achieve speed stepless
Flexible coupling 
Ball screw structure
Infinitely variable speeds

Feed speed range:5~500mm/min

Rapid moving speed:3000mm/min

Feed motor torque:7.7Nm

Guide linear: Made in Taiwan, The linear sliders are with sealing.
Z-axis: Servo motor pushes the lead screw rotating, drives the drill box forward and backward movement, to achieve the gun drill bits feeding and drilling. 

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Drill Box

Drill box structure

Iron casting box, main spindle, NSK bearing, American Deublin rotary connector, synchronous belt, synchronous belt wheels, main motor(Servo spindle motor).

Drill box motor

3.7KW(servo spindle motor) for single spindle gun drilling machine ,Rotary speed range 500- 5000r/min(stepless)
The end face of the drill box adopts Deublin rotary connector.

Drill box feature

The main motor drives the belt wheel to rotate.
The synchronous belt drives the main spindle and drill bit rotate ●The main spindle is front driven structure, to prevent oil splashing on the motor, to improve the motor life.

Drill bits connection

The gun drill bits handle is fixed on the front end of the drill box main spindle
There are 3 screw holes on the front face of the main spindle for standby

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Coolant system of Gun Drilling Machine

Coolant tank

Floor Mounted

Coolant system flow

100L/min(adjustable) for single spindle gun drilling machine,

Coolant tank volume

About 1000L(dirty oil tank and clean oil tank separetely)

Coolant pump motor power

7.5kw (converter motor) 

Oil chiller motor power


Coolant system pressure range


Paper filter and magnet filtering

20um level of purity

Cutting oil

810 cutting oil (Chinese brand)/deep hole gun drill cutting oil.

Chain plate chips convoyor


Mainly consistence

It mainly consists of oil chiller, chip conveyor, paper  filter and frequency conversion pump group. It can adjust the pressure and flow rate of cutting oil according to the hole diameter. and it can display the flow and pressure value. The guide frame adopts side chip removal.

Electrical system

Machine controlling system


Electrical cabinet

Main components with Schneider brand. 
Electrical cabinet surface is power coating treatment. 
With dust sealing strips.

Air circulation

Exhaust fan(two sets)

Supply voltage

3 phase, 380V, 50HZ (Or follow customer’s require)

Total connected power


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Gun Drilling Machine drilling accuracy 



Hole skewness/deviation tolerance


Surface roughness


Diameter accuracy


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