5 Points For Attention In Deep Hole Drilling Operation
Nov 20, 2018

Deep-hole drilling machine in use is a certain standard of operation, in order to let you know more about the use of deep-hole drilling machine, let's take a brief look at the following:

  1. The unstable value of power supply voltage of deep-hole drilling machine should not be more than 5%. The voltage and frequency of machine tool motor tag are consistent with the power supply. Otherwise, it is not allowed to start motor work.

  2. Before using the deep hole drilling machine, check whether the oil surface written into the slide guide rail and the lubricating oil for the spindle is in the center of the oil level meter. If the oil level is below the lower limit, oil should be added to the middle of the oil level meter.

  3. Lubricating oil, deep-hole drilling oil should be used in accordance with the rules of machine tool instructions or oils with similar chemical composition to those of the rules.

  4. Cooling tank is planned to be separated into two parts, only allowing the liquid level of clean oil to be higher than the liquid level of unclean oil, so as to prevent the unclean oil from flowing into the clean oil tank. Cooling oil level can be checked once a week through the control window installed on the side of the unclean oil tank. It is necessary for the liquid level to be higher than the Under-Glass symbol in order to prevent the oil pump from inhaling. The air loses its function. It is necessary to see the liquid level through the upper glass, otherwise it will be difficult to ensure the circulation.

  5. When the V-belt of the spindle needs to be replaced with a new belt, it should have satisfactory preload to prevent droop, fever, noise or tremor when working. If this kind of doubt is found, the belt should be tightened from the beginning. After one hour's work, you should tighten your belt to compensate for the initial extension and removal of the belt. For every 40 hours of work, check the belt tightness and tighten the belt from the start.


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