5 Simple Steps To Operate The Deep Hole Drilling Machine
May 11, 2018

5 simple steps to operate the deep hole drilling machine

5 simple steps to operate a deep hole drilling machine

Deep hole drilling machine is a machine tool specially used in deep hole drilling. The deep hole drilling machine has wide application scope. It has the characteristics of high rigidity, high precision, high speed, high efficiency, high reliability and large torque. Drilling with deep hole drills can save technological equipment, shorten the production process cycle, ensure product quality and improve production efficiency.


1. Do not wear gloves when operating deep hole drilling machines. Cuffs must be tightly tied. Women workers must wear work caps.

2,The workpiece must be clamped, especially for small holes, especially for small diameter holes. The fashion clip must be firm. When the hole will be drilled, the feed force should be minimized. The working surface must be kept clean during use.

3. When drilling a drill chuck, you should use drill chuck keys, not flat iron and hand hammers, so as not to damage the chuck and affect the accuracy of the spindle of the drilling machine. When the workpiece is clamped, the cleaning of the clamping surface must be done well.

4. Before drilling the deep hole drilling machine, check whether there is a drill chuck key or oblique iron inserted on the drill shaft. It is necessary to run the test before idling before the machine tool can work normally.

5, the operator's head is not allowed to be too close to the rotating spindle. When parking is stopped, the main shaft should be stopped naturally. It can not be used by hand to stop, and the reverse brake should not be used.

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