Addition Of Lubricating Oil For Spindle Of Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Dec 12, 2018

1. Before the operation of deep hole drilling machine, check whether the oil level injected into the slide rail and the lubricating oil for the spindle is in the middle of the oil level gauge. If the oil level is below the lower limit, oil should be added to the middle of the oil level gauge.

2. The fluctuation value of source voltage should not be more than 5%. The voltage and frequency of machine tool motor tag are consistent with the power supply. Otherwise, the motor is not allowed to start.

3. Lubricating oil. Deep-hole drilling oil can only be used in accordance with the oil or chemical composition prescribed in the specification of deep-hole drilling machine, which is similar to the prescribed oil.

4. When the V-belt of the spindle needs to be replaced with a new belt, it should have sufficient pre-tightening force to avoid sagging, heating, noise or tremor when working. If this kind of problem is found, the belt should be tightened again. After an hour's work, the belt should be tightened again to compensate for the start of elongation and grooving. Every 40 hours, check the belt tightening and tighten the belt again.


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