Advantages Of CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine Of Dezhou Guanlu
Jan 10, 2019

CNC deep hole drilling machine is common used machine in machining. The excellent performance of CNC deep hole drilling machine has been widely recognized by customers. What are the specific advantages of CNC deep hole drilling machine? Today we list the advantages of CNC deep hole machine for your reference about      machine selection.

Firstly, the CNC drilling machine bed adopts high quality cast iron to ensure that the machine has excellent rigidity, strength and good precision retention.

Secondly, the spindle of honing is driven by servo spindle motor with high torque, high stability and stepless speed regulation.

Thirdly, the short workpiece uses the chain drive to realize interchange, the long workpiece adopts the precision skew rack drive to maintain the stable feed drive.

Fourth, adopt intelligent CNC system, liquid crystal display, which can be set to achieve fixed-point, quantitative, fixed-distance honing.

Fifth, the honing head always maintain constant pressure to hone inner wall of hole, so as to achieve strong honing. The honing pressure can be set to do rough honing or fine honing.

The CNC deep hole drilling machine manufactured by the Guanlu Precision Machinery in Dezhou is equipped with the top-level electrical system, bearing, motor and other accessories at home and abroad to further improve the machine  performance and reduce the failure rate. We sincerely welcome the presence of new and old customers.


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