Analysis Of The Causes For Deep Hole Drilling Machine Cutting Tool Deviation
May 10, 2018

Analysis of the causes for deep hole drilling machine cutting tool deviation

Sometimes, There are some deviations in processing steps of deep hole cutting tools.  Do you know why? If you don't know why you can't maintain the  deep hole drilling machine well  in the later period, then it will affect its lifespan. If you want its lifespan to be unaffected, please see the following analysis:


First, the measurement of the cutting tool  is carried out in the static state, and the process of the deep hole drilling machine is dynamic. At the same time, it will be  influenced by the cutting force and the external force of the vibration, so that the size of the machined is not consistent with the pre adjusted size.

Second. When measuring the cutting tool with processing the trial workpiece, the deviation of deep hole drilling machine  cutting tool mainly comes from the measurement error after finishing the processing of the trial  workpiece and the error caused by visual inspection during the operation.

Third. There are measuring devices inside the deep hole drilling machine. The size of the smallest measuring unit is also related to the error. Generally speaking, the error of the measuring device with the smallest measuring unit is large, and the error of the measuring device with the smallest measuring unit is small.

Fourth. In the process of cutting tool measurement, the deep hole drilling machine mostly carries out the operation of "machine tool back to the reference point". In this process, the drift of zero point may result in the return error, and the deviation of the cutting tool will be produced.

Fifth. When the deep hole drilling machine uses the cutting tool setting  instrument, the cutting tool setting  mirror and the automatic cutting tool setting device, the error is mainly caused by the error of the manufacture, installation and measurement of the instrument. In addition, the poor skills of using the deep hole drilling machine can also cause deviations.

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