Brief Introduction And Working Principle Of Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Jan 11, 2019

1. Overview of cutting tools for Deep Hole drilling and boring Machine

Deep hole drilling boring machine is mainly used for deep-hole drilling, reaming, boring and other deep hole processing. However, because the depth of machining is usually more than ten meters or even tens of meters, it is difficult to master the condition of tool damage in the process of machining, which is usually judged by the operator according to his own work experience. Therefore, when the tool is damaged, it is very difficult to be found, which often affects the precision of machining, and results in the loss of production and even the damage to the machine tool. After many years’ exploration and test, the problem is already resolved.

In the common deep hole drilling and boring machine, the spindle of the head-box and the spindle of the drill pipe are usually controlled by DC speed regulation device to realize the speed regulation. DC speed regulation has the characteristics of wide speed range and good performance of low speed.

2.    Working principle of deep hole drilling and boring machine tool

In the normal machining process, the drilling torque of tool and the power of the motor remain basically unchanged when the drilling hole becomes more and more deep. When the tool is damaged, the increased torque of the tool makes the motor current increases, the analog signal is transformed into digital signal by the analog input module of PLC, and the operation function of PLC is compared with the set value to determine whether the tool is damaged.  

The detected current signal is converted into 0~10V voltage signal by using the analog output of the speed regulating device, and the analog input module that is output to the PLC analog is converted by A/D analog-to-digital conversion, and then the value is compared with the set value. This set value is obtained according to the workpiece material, cutting tool, machining quantity and other parameters, which is selected by off switch. When the detection value is greater than the set value of 20%, it is determined that the torque overload, that is, the tools are damaged, then PLC will alarm and stop processing, then replace tool to process workpiece.


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