Causes And Solutions To Common Problems In Deep Hole Drilling With Internal Chip Removal
Jan 15, 2019

Problem 1. Rough suface



1. Cutting Bonding

2. Poor coaxiality

3. The cutting speed is too low and the feed is too large or uneven.

4. Tool geometry is inappropriate


1. Reducing cutting speed, avoiding edge collapse, replacing cutting fluid with high extreme pressure performance, improving filtration and increasing pressure and flow rate of cutting fluid

2. Adjust the coaxiality of machine tool spindle and drill sleeve, and adopt appropriate drill sleeve diameter.

3. Adopt appropriate cutting parameters.

Problem 2: Drill bit easy to breaking 



1. The chip breaking is not good and the chip can not be discharged.

2. Excessive feed, too small or uneven.

3. Excessive wear of drill bit

4. Incorrect Cutting Fluid


1. Change the size of the chip breaking groove to avoid being too long and shallow. Discover the situation of the chipping edge in time and replace it. Increase the pressure and flow rate of cutting fluid and adopt workpiece with uniform material structure.

2. Using appropriate cutting parameters

3. Change drill bit regularly to avoid wear and tear

4. Use appropriate cutting fluid and improve filtration.

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