Characteristics Of Center Frame Of Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Nov 22, 2018

The center frame is one of the three major components in the deep hole drilling machine, and its main function is to support. The centralized rotating workpiece has the same function as the center frame of the ordinary lathe. However, due to the heavy parts in deep hole processing, the outer circle speed of the workpiece is relatively high. Therefore, rolling support must be used. At present, there are two commonly used forms of local rolling and global rolling, which use three-point support and four-point support respectively.

The integral rolling center frame is suitable for small and medium-sized deep hole machine tools. It consists of bearings, supports, supporting sleeves, supporting adjusting screws and bottom plates. The workpiece is installed in the supporting sleeve, and four supporting screws are adjusted to align the workpiece. The center frame has the advantages of good rigidity, high rotation accuracy and easy alignment. However, the clamping of the workpiece is not as convenient as the local rolling center frame, so it needs to move the center frame.


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