Characteristics Of Deep Hole Honing Machine
Jun 27, 2018

Characteristics of deep hole honing machine

1. the electrical system of deep hole honing machine is controlled by Japanese FANUC special servo system. Numerical control display, programmable, simple operation.

2. the spindle of servo motor can carry out high-precision quantitative feeding. The minimum compensation amount is 0.001mm, the feed is accurate and reliable, and it can automatically compensate the feed.


3. deep hole honing machine is fully enclosed. Open the door to make sure the operation is safe.

4. the machine tool adopts variable frequency motor, which can realize continuously variable transmission of spindle.

5. machine tools use servo motor to control reciprocating and importing machine tools. It ensures that the position of the reciprocating stroke is accurate and the accuracy is high, and it can also achieve partial stopping in reciprocating position, so as to carry out local honing.

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