gun drilling machine for gun barrel
Dec 12, 2017


Machine Operation: Gun drilling

Component Details: Gun barrel  

Machine Specifications:


Technical Items


Drilling diameter range


Max.Hole drilling depth


Machine total power


Hole length-diameter ratio


CNC control system:

Siemens 808 system


Machine structure:

Machine bed base

Machine bed base

HT300 iron, resin sand precise casting.

Twice timing treatment, high rigidity and stability.

  Machine guide rail

Adopt made in Taiwan linear guide rails, (Japan THK linear guide rail is optinal)

High transmission accuracy,

Prompt response.

Workpiece clamping

The front end of the headstock and the guide frame is assembled with a cone disk, and the hydraulic system controls the axial movement of the headstock spindle, and automatically utilizes the chamfering of the conical disc and the both ends of the workpiece to automatically clamp and locate the workpiece.

Drill bar rest

2 groups,


1.Supporting the drill bar,

2.Ensure drilling accuracy,

3.Reducing the drill bar vibration.

4.It can meet the maximum drilling hole length diameter ratio100:1;                                                                                        

Guiding frame

Driven by hydraulic system


1.Guiding the drill bits,

2.Sealing the high pressure cutting oil

3.Chips removing, cutting oil returning,.

Center frame

It is equips with 1 group manual center frame .It is used for job support.

The hydraulic center frame is optional(if with hydraulic center frame, price EUR5200 increased).

The Chamfering size and workpiece size at both ends of the workpiece is needed while the customer order the machine.


It is used to drive job rotation, using ordinary motor to drive spindle rotation through the reducer, spindle speed fixed at 120r/min, the main motor power 1.5kw.

Safety guard

The machine is with fully enclosed safety guard.


Main servo axes:



Servo motor drive ball screw through elastic coupling to achieve speed stepless

Flexible coupling

Ball screw structure

Infinitely variable speeds

Feed speed range:5500mm/min

Rapid moving speed:3000mm/min

Feed motor torque:7.7Nm

Guide linear: Made in Taiwan, The linear sliders are with sealing.

Z-axis: Servo motor pushes the lead screw rotating, drives the drill box forward and backward movement, to achieve the gun drill bits feeding and drilling.



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