Classification Of Deep Hole Drilling And Gun Drill And Detailed Explanation Of Its Characteristics
Jul 03, 2018

Classification of deep hole drilling and gun drill and detailed explanation of its characteristics

Deep hole drilling is divided into two types: chip removal and chip removal according to chip removal. There are 3 kinds of BTA deep hole drill, jet drill and DF deep hole drill, which are used in the processing system of the internal cuttings, such as the gun drill, the deep hole flat drill and the deep hole twist drill.


The drill is usually made of high speed steel or hard alloy. All kinds of internal chip removal deep hole drill can be welded or mechanically clamped, cemented carbide inserts according to size. The guide block on the deep hole is guided and centering to reduce the deflection of the borehole and the vibration during cutting. The arrangement of cutter teeth and guide blocks for deep hole drilling mainly considers the balance between chip breaking and radial force during cutting. The cutter body and drill pipe can be connected by welding or square tooth threads.

1, gun drill: there is only one cutting part, the earliest used for processing barrel. When drilling, the cutting fluid enters the middle of the drill pipe and is injected into the cutting area through the keyhole of the drill head, then the chip is discharged from the V groove of the drill bit. The gun drill is suitable for machining deep holes with a diameter of 2~20 millimeters and a ratio of Kong Shen to aperture greater than 100.

2, jet drill: a kind of deep hole drilling in a multiple edge, with two layers of inner and outer drilling pipe, most of the cutting fluid enters the cutting area from the gap between the inner and outer drills, and then enters the inner tube with the chip, and the other small part of the cutting fluid enters the inner tube through the crescent hole at the end of the inner tube, producing the ejection effect and forming the low pressure area to help pumping. Suck the chip. The jet drill does not require a strict cutting fluid seal device. It is suitable for drilling deep holes with a diameter of more than 18 millimeters, Kong Shen and an aperture ratio of less than 100.

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