Commission Steps About Deep Hole Drilling And Boring Machine
May 16, 2018

commission steps about deep hole drilling and boring machine

1. You can check whether the main power supply of the deep hole boring machine is correct by manual knife change (if the spindle is not variable frequency speed regulation, also can be checked by starting the spindle), such as the normal change order of the knife holder, and vice versa to the two main power lines.


2. manually start the spindle to see if the action of the deep hole boring machine is normal.

3. the spindle of deep hole boring machine adopts double speed S01 and S02 to achieve high and low speed conversion.

4. spindle three gear frequency conversion through M41 M42 M43 corresponds to the speed of the tachometer (the same way of operation).

Attached speed corresponding table

M41 700 - 1600r/min

M42 200 - 650r/min

M43 0---190r/min

5. manually run other actions (cooling, screw, etc.) to see if it is normal.

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