Common Classification Of Cutting Fluid For Deep Hole Boring Machine ​
Jun 11, 2018

Common classification of cutting fluid for deep hole boring machine

The cutting fluid of a deep hole boring machine is a metal processing liquid which combines the advantages of emulsified oil and cutting fluid. It is mainly composed of surface active agent, lubricant, antirust agent, stabilizer, low viscosity mineral oil, bactericide and water. It has the lubricity of emulsified oil, and the coolability and cleanability of the cutting fluid. It gradually develops into the replacement product of emulsified oil and cutting fluid.


The cutting fluid of deep hole boring machine is mainly divided into two types: ordinary type and pressing type. The pressure type can be used in more harsh conditions. On the basis of microemulsion products, the microemulsion cutting fluid is mainly introduced into the suitable pressure additive, thus improving the performance of the product, reducing the cutting resistance and improving the cutting efficiency. The effect of adding pressure additives on the rust resistance and stability of Microemulsion Cutting fluid is also solved. In addition, the product's smell, transparency and other appearance performance are reasonably allocated to make the product more commercial value.

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