Common Troubleshooting Of Deep Hole Machine Tools A
Jun 23, 2018

Common troubleshooting of deep hole machine tools   A

1. The drill rod is blocked when the deep hole machine is drilled.

Cause analysis and measures:

A, iron filings are long chips and not easy to discharge; measures: adjusting cutting parameters, making iron filings into C chips.

B, the structure defect of the chip body of the drill bit, causing the iron filings to run out or hang up; measures: trimming the chip of the knife body to make the iron chips smooth.

C, the inner wall of the drill pipe is not smooth or has steps; measures: trim the drill hole.

D, insufficient cooling pressure; measures: increase cooling pressure.


2. machine tool feed no action (suitable for screw drive).

Cause analysis and measures:

A, transmission chain problems; check each transmission key, gear is in place, check whether the bolt is reliable.

B, screw nut wear, such as screw rotation, no action, indicating nut wear, need to be replaced.

3.The cooling system of the machine is overheated.

Cause analysis and measures:

A, insufficient oil; add cooling oil.

B, filter clogging, resulting in overload of motor; replacement or cleaning of filter screen.

C, pump or hydraulic valve damage, resulting in overload of motor; replace or repair pump group or hydraulic valve.

D, fuel tank or machine tool nearby heat source; take insulation measures.

E,The effect of above measures are still not obvious; additional refrigeration measures are taken, such as oil cooler, cooling water cycle, fan, etc.

4. The roughness of the surface is poor when drilling.

Cause analysis and measures:

A, the work piece material is soft, and the material is not even; increases the heat treatment, enhances the work piece material performance.

B, cutting parameters are unreasonable, choose reasonable cutting parameters, such as speed, feed rate and so on.

C, Improper selection of cutter or blade; reasonable cutting tool and blade according to material selection.

D, drill guide key wear, replace guide key and ensure accuracy.

E, vibration during processing; check the size of each kit, adjust the locking sleeve, adjust the cutting parameters, eliminate vibration.

5. The center deflection of the borehole.

Cause analysis and measures:

A, the workpiece rotates instability or eccentricity. Reduce the rotational speed of the workpiece, or take the balance measures.

 B, the workpiece and the guide sleeve are not the same. Check the accuracy of the adjustment guide sleeve.

C, guide sleeve clearance too large; replace guide sleeve and ensure accuracy.

D and drill hole are relatively large; improve drill pipe strength, use two way rotation to reduce deflection.

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