Common Troubleshooting Of Deep Hole Machine Tools C
Jun 26, 2018

Common troubleshooting of deep hole machine tools C

Eleven, the oil equipment is leaking oil.

Cause analysis and measures:

A, seal ring damage; replace seal ring.

B, cone surface oil leakage; check the cone disc accuracy, or replace cone disc.

C, ring bushing wear, replace ring bushing.


Twelve. The oil heater is overheated.

Cause analysis and measures:

D, rotary sealing ring interference large; replace sealing ring, control interference.

E, the structure is difficult to heat dissipation, easy to form local high temperature; modify the structure, so that the heating parts are conducive to heat dissipation.

F, seal ring lining wear or roughness is not up to standard; replace ring bushing.

Thirteen. Vibration of drilling and boring bar.

Cause analysis and measures:

A, boring and boring rods are not rigid enough, and the bending deformation is serious; straightening or replacing high strength boring and boring rods.

B,The gap between and drill pipe is too large, and the damping sleeve does not work. Adjust the nut to lock the damping sleeve and check the size of the kit.

C, reduce drilling and boring rod speed or fixed drill and boring bar.

D, adjust the speed and feed parameters.

Fourteen. Pressure gauge pressure showed abnormal.

Cause analysis and measures:

A, pressure meter damage, change the pressure meter.

B, pressure gauge pipe blockage, cleaning pipeline, pressure gauge, etc.

C, Failure of  pressure regulating valve or pump group; maintenance or replacement of pressure regulating valve or pump group.

Fifteen, the pump group is different.

Cause analysis and measures:

A, pipeline or pump valve blockage; cleaning pipeline, pump valve and so on.

B, filter screen plugging; cleaning or replacing filter net and so on.

C, pump group damage; replacement pump unit

D, insufficient oil; add chilled oil.

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