Dec 14, 2018

The function of the coupling is to support the drill pipe and chip removal pipe, and transfer drilling moment and axial force. For spray suction drilling system and DF system, a negative pressure shaft device is also designed in the connector to regulate the jet flow.

Connector with negative pressure shaft device can be made into two forms of rotation and non-rotation, which are used for tool rotation and workpiece rotation respectively. Rotary structure: Rotary shaft is connected with machine tool spindle through flange, and through drill pipe joint, with drill pipe, so that the substitute drill bit rotates. Bearing support is not allowed for non-rotating type, which is directly connected with the limit imperial feed system. The cutting fluid is injected into the drill pipe through a conical nozzle consisting of a money cone sleeve and a rear cone sleeve. The negative pressure effect is formed by backward injection. The jet clearance is adjusted by adjusting the rear cone sleeve and locked by a nut.

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