Daily Maintenance Of Deep Hole Drilling And Boring Machine
Jan 18, 2019

1.Before use, check the supplementary screw, nut, handle, oil cup and so on. Check whether the spindle system and the positioning screw are loose. Check whether the positioning of each control handle is accurate and reliable.

2. Check the surface of the guide rail, remove burrs, adjust the gap between the plug and the pressing plate, and check whether the limit interlocking device is safe and reliable before use.

3. Check whether the limit device and grounding are safe and reliable before use, and wipe the motor and electrical box regularly to keep the inside and outside clean.

4. Clean filters, cooling pumps, cooling boxes, pipes and valves regularly in use, and keep things leak-free.

5. Clean the oil line, felt and filter of deep hole drilling and boring machine regularly in use so as to achieve smooth oil passage and clear oil window.

6. regularly wipe the appearance, cover and accessories of deep hole drilling and boring machine in use to achieve internal and external cleaning, no rust, no "yellow robe". Wipe the long lead screw, light column and rack.


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