Deep Hole Drilling Machine For Hydraulic Cylinders
Mar 21, 2018


1.Machine brief

Machine processing capability

Boring diameter range

Max. Φ360mm 

Max. Hole Boring depth


Max. Workpiece length


Hole boring process

Chips go out through workpieces cored hole.



2.Main components

Machine base, worktable, and other basic parts

HT300 iron, resin sand precise casting.

Twice timing treatment, high rigidity and stability.

Tooling infeed system (Z-axis)

Adopts the servo motor driving the T type leading screw through the

reducer structure. The speed is adjustable(stepless).

Drill bar rest

1 group, supporting the drill bar.

Coolant system

To supply the oil for the tooling, consist of oil tank and 3 groups high press pumps.

Oil pressure head

The oil pressure head is used for cutter tooling guiding, oil supplying, supporting.

The oil pressure head is driven by ordinary motor to make axial movement.

The oil pressure head spindle can be pushed out and retracted under the control of the hydraulic system.

The oil pressure head can be automatically locked on the machine bed by the hydraulic pressure plate.


Electrical system

Machine controlling system

Delta PLC

Adjustment of stroke position

Set position on PLC panel

Operation console

Touch screen colour HMI

Electrical cabinet

Seperate with the machine(CE standard design)

Air circulation

Exhaust fan(two sets)

Supply voltage

3 phase, 380V, 50HZ(to be confirmed by customer)

Total connected power

About 45KW



Machine Foot Print:

Floor Space:

8×2.5×1.8 meters

Machine Weight:

About 13 tons

Loading into container

1×40 container




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