Deep Hole Drilling Machine Standard Operation Flow
May 24, 2018

 deep hole drilling and boring machine standard operation flow

Drilling with deep hole drilling machine can save technological equipment, shorten the production process cycle, ensure product quality and improve production efficiency. Deep hole drilling machine can easily process various forms of deep holes, for a variety of special forms of deep holes, such as cross holes, oblique holes, blind holes and flat bottom blind holes can also be well solved.


Now let's see what the operation rules of deep hole drilling machine include.

1, adjust the speed and stroke of deep hole drilling machine, when clamping tools and workpiece, and rub the machine tool to stop.

2, automatic cutting tool needs to select the feed speed and adjust the stroke limit block. Manual feed is usually carried out in accordance with the principle of gradual pressurization and decompression, so as to avoid accidents caused by excessive force.

3. Use rocker drill, no obstacles in the swing arm. The horizontal arm and the worktable are not allowed to have floats.

4. After the deep hole drilling machine is started, it is not allowed to contact the moving workpiece, cutter and transmission part. It is forbidden to pass or pick up tools and other articles through the rotation of machine tools.

5, when drilling around the long iron scrap, you must stop and clear. Do not use the mouth to blow. Use the brush or iron hook to remove the hand.

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