Deep Hole Drilling Machines Installed In France
Feb 10, 2018

BTA deep hole drilling machine details:

1. The machine is with CNC Siemens system. English version: 828D

2. The machine is driven back rack and pinion.

3. Oil box and small parts of the panels are spray plastics treatment.(powder painting)

4. The machind have drill box,so the tool can rotary as well.

Machine Operation: The machine has the function of drilling,boring,pull boring,trepaning,burnishing.


Machine brief

 1) Drill hole method: Single spindle internal chips removal (BTA method) . This machine is used for the cylindrical workpiece concentric hole processing. Workpiece and tooling rotate oppositly when machine working .

 2)Adopt front chips removal method when boring. It means the chips will flow out from holes on the clamp body of headstock front end.

 3) Workpiece loading and clampingheadstock adopts manual chuck clamping,oil pressure head use taper disc hydraulic clamping.

4) The machine used guide rail is double rectangular sliding guide rail , which is processed  

5) Drill box spindle is driven by servo main motor ,Main motor power 30kw, high speed shift max.800rpm.

6) Tooling infeeding adopts servo motor ,servo speed reducer, rack and pinion structure , stepless speed can be realized .

7) Machine equips with two sets drill bar support rest , which is assemblied with hitching and pulling structure, pull the drill bar support rest back to original posistion when the processing finished and returning tooling ; Can also adjust the axial position manually through the rack on machine bed ,but rack and pinion structure should be released by releasing structure under the machine working condition .

8) Oil pressure head can do axial movement driven by normal motor,reducer device,which can meet the long job length varify;In front of the oil pressure head equips guide bush and taper disc;The oil pressure spindle can axial move max 100mm under the hydraulic system control.

9) Adopt one set center frame to support the workpiece , workpiece OD range is Φ40~Φ100mm Upper cover of center frame is opened and closed by manualAdjust the axial position manually through the rack on machine bed.

10) Drill box spindle driven by servo main motor,main motor power is 30kw,high pseed shift Max rotation is 800r/min,in front of spindle assemble tile type drill bar connection bush.

11) Adopts one chain plate chips removal devices to remove the cutting chips .

12) Coolant system adopts three groups of quantitative pumps,each group is with with flow 100L/min.


Machine parameters




Working capacity

Drill hole diameter range



Max. depth of hole



Max. Length  of workpiece



Workpiece OD range



Machine Character

Z axis

Infeed speed range



Rapid move speed



Infeed motor torque


Speed reducer


Max.Rotary speed of high gear


Motor power


Servo spindle motor

Driill box

Max. Rotary speed of high gear



Motor power


Servo spindle motor

Coolant system

Max. pressure







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