Deep Hole Drilling Machine Gun Drilling MachineZK21-A series
Dec 28, 2018
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: ZK2102A

  • Layout: Horizontal

  • Number of Shaft: 4

  • Automatic Grade: Automatic

  • Certification: ISO 9001, ISO14001 ISO18001

  • Drilling Hole Diameter 3-20: Deep Hole Drilling Depth 1000mm

  • Origin: Shandong Dezhou

  • Structure: Deep Hole Drilling

  • Controlling Mode: CNC

  • Hole Diameter: <50mm

  • Precision: High Precision

  • Condition: New

  • Trademark: shandong precion

  • HS Code: 8459210000

Product Description
                          ZK2102A deep hole drilling machine
                     single coordination gun drilling machine

      This machine is a special-purpose deephole drilling machine with properties of high efficiency,high accuracy and high automation.It adopts external-chip removing method (gundrill method),through one continues drilling,it can realize the machining accuracy and surface roughness usually by the progress of drilling,expanding and reaming.The machine is controlled by CNC system with function of both single action and automatic recycling so that it can meets the requirements of small batch and large batch machining.The machine can drill through hole,blind hole and step hole.The machine can be widely used in the line of automobile and motorcycle,mould,military and aeronautics.

Main Specifications and Features

specificationstechnical data
range of drilling dia.3-20mm
Max.Drilling depth500mm/1000mm
head stock spindle speed380r/min
range of drilling box spindle speed(infinite)800-7000r/min
feed speed range(Z-axis)(infinite)10-500mm/min
pressure range of coolant1-10MPa
flow range of coolant6-100L/min
rapid speed of feeding carriage3m/min
torque of feeding motor7Nm
motor power of drilling bar box4kW
motor power of headstock1.5kW
general motor power20kW(about)
overall dimension(LxWxH)4000x4050x2050(500mm) 5050x4050x2050(1000mm)
machine weight6t(500mm) 7t(1000mm)

Note:Tools and accessories must be ordered specially,coolant should be prepared by the user or bought from the manufacturer.


1.Adopting FANUC Oi mate-TB system
2.driven by A.C servo motor,transmitted by ball screw
3.adopting guideway conglutinated plastic,smooth running in low speed,without creeping
4.spindle speed of drilling bar box is driven by varyspeed motor,adjustment stepless
5.spindle bearing and guideway surface adopting automatic intermittent lubrication
6.high-pressure coolant is supplied by varyspeed motor-driving gear pump
7.flat chain type automatic chip conveyor
8.fully covered safe guard
9.muti-monitoring device
10.kinds of patents

ZK21-A series product introduction.

And about ZK21_C series machine tool is single coordinate cnc deep hole drilling machin, the depth of drilling is 1500mm,it include ZK2102C,ZK2103C,ZK2104C,ZK2102C×2 four kinds type.
Optional machining method:
A,standard configuration:
Workpiece rotate, cutting tool rotate and feed with gundrilling method.
B,optional method, the workpiece fixed, the cutting toolrotating and feed with gun drilling method.
Optional CNC controller system:
A,Beijing KND CNC controller system;
B,Japan FANUC 0i Mate TD CNC controller system.

The basic structure

BED: the structure of the bed adopt three sides closed and a reasonable layout reinforcement rib, so it has the good rigidity, the headstock or hydraulic tailstock or special fixture is installated in T slot worktable and drill pipe box carriage feed on sliding table. It also has a wide and deep back oil groove around the bed, ensure the coolant liquid flow smoothly back to oil tank.

headstock: there is a fixed speed.Headstock can move along axial movement according to the length of the workpiece, the rotary workpiece requires less than or equal to 100 mm in diameter. (optional part)

Drill pipe box: it adopts frequency conversion motor or spindle motor drive drill pipe rotation with stepless speed; Spindle bearings uses high precision angular contact ball bearings. Special mechanical seal device provide stable pressure and flow of cooling fluid for deep hole processing, so as to ensure the normal cutting; The drill pipe box feed carriage paste ptfe guide soft belt,which ensure the machine tool has a longer service life. 

The cooling system: There are frequency conversion motor for high pressure oil pump and gear pump and other hydraulic components on the oil tank, and the machine adopts non-woven paper filter, magnet, multistage net type filtering, and forced cooling device, at the same time ,with automatic chip removal machine. 

Centralized lubrication system: front and back bearing of headstock and drill pipe box and slide guide rail uses automatic timing quantitative lubrication, if oil level is lower than standard value,it will have automatic alarm function. 

electrical system: it adopt numerical control system, which can set up automatic programming processing cycle, and also can be manual, inching, opening and closing adjustment, etc. Machine tool operation button stand adopts hanging type, it make the operator observe and operate easyly and directly.

guide frame: guide frame is used for drill head orientation and drill pipe support. In the process of drilling, cutting fluid by the oil pump through drill pipe inner hole to the cutting zone, then it flow to V groove of drill pipe and cavity of the guide frame and bed body, and flow into the automatic chip removal machine, in final,it will be sent to the storage crumbs.

The accuracy of drilling hole
Accuracy of drilling hole:IT7-IT10(good condition IT7-IT8;general IT9-IT10);
Roughness:Ra 0.4-3.2μm
Deviate of center axis:
A:0.25mm/500mm(workpiece roate,length :diameter 100:1,uniform material,suitable feed speed)
B:0.5mm/1000mm(workpiece roate,length :diameter 100:1,uniform material,suitable feed speed)
C:0.5mm/500mm(workpiece not rotate,length :diameter 100:1,uniform material,suitable feed speed)
D:1mm/1000mm(workpiece not rotate, length :diameter 100:1,uniform material,suitable feed speed)
 Our ZK21-C series standard configuration is workpiece rotate and cutting tool rotate and feed at the same time.

Cutting tool life
Continuous cutting length 12-20m(not include special material)
And cutting tool can use 50times by The cutting tool resharpening , so the total length of cuttting can be more than 600m, good condition is more longer.

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