Detailed Explanation Of Operation Flow About Deep Hole Drilling And Boring Machine
Jan 09, 2019

In order to prolong the service life of the machine tool, the operator of the deep-hole drilling and boring machine should have certain knowledge about the function and structure of the deep-hole drilling and boring machine, or participate in the related training. In order to make the machine operators more familiar with the operation process of deep-hole drilling boring machine, According to the characteristics of deep-hole drilling and boring machine, the operation process of the machine is explained as following.

1. Before starting the machine tool, check the oil quantity, oil quality and oil path clearance of the machine tool first and check each operation organization one by one.

2. Low speed test without machining for 3 to 5 minutes before the machine tool works, so as to make sure there is oil on the smooth part.

3. Must make sure that the workpiece is firmly clamped on the worktable, or on the special tooling. When the machine tool passes through the hole, using hand to feed when close the drill tool to change to manual feed.

4. When installing the drill, make sure that the hole and taper handle are clean. Remove the drill with special tools and avoid hitting at will.

5. It is strictly forbidden to stop the drill before exiting during drilling.

6. When the workpiece is turning the plane, the tool must be close to the hole.

7. When turning thread, operate the reversible connector to straighten the spindle.

8. Speed regulation or change of feed during processing is not allowed.

9. If there is any abnormality in deep-hole drilling and boring machine, stop immediately or notify the maintenance staff to deal with it.

10. After work, worker should put the handle into neutral position, cut off power, clean up machine surface, and make shift records.


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