Detailed Use Of Deep Hole Drilling And Boring Machine
Jun 04, 2018

Detailed use of deep hole drilling and boring machine

The deep hole drilling and boring machine, which is introduced today, is a equipment specially for processing deep hole parts. It is equipped with German SIEMENS CNC system, compact spindle bearing and oil bearing injection bearing, which has high precision and rigidity, and has more precise depth display and depth control function. In the process of machining blind holes, step holes and so on, the performance is particularly prominent. At the same time it preserves the advantages of T2120 products, not only can drill holes, boring, and can also be rolled. Hydraulic control is adopted for the tightening of the workpiece and the tightening of the oil feeder, which is safe, reliable and easy to operate. The deep hole boring and boring machine is suitable for the processing of various hydraulic cylinders, spindle holes, cylinder holes and cooling holes.


The deep hole boring machine is a special machine tool for processing cylindrical deep hole parts. It can boring through holes, step holes and blind holes, and can also finish the finishing rolling process. In our factory, the short workpiece (1-4m) adopts the double cone disc tightening method and the oil feeder is used to give oil. The chip removal method is used for chip removal, suitable for mass production, and also for single batch production.


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