How To Choose And Purchase High Quality Deep Hole Drilling And Boring Machine
Jan 17, 2019

1. The machine head determines the accuracy of boring. The working principle is mainly cycle and lubrication. The machine performance and service life are determined by the use of spindles, gears, bearings and lubricating oil pipes. The spindle is forged, the gear is grinded by Swiss gear grinder, the bearing is of high quality, and the lubricating oil pipe is standard copper pipe. Some manufacturers use iron, aluminium, plastic and other materials. The lubricating oil pipe is easy to be damaged, which directly causes the wear and tear of the head gear without lubricating oil and reduces the service life of the machine.

2. The stability of the hydraulic part is determined by the hydraulic pump station.

3. The control system determines the intelligence and convenience of the machine

4. When the machine is running, watch the range of the machine and listen to the sound.

5. The purchaser also needs to provide the production demand of deep-hole processing parts, such as the material quality, length, size and accuracy of the processing parts, and the size of the production volume, to determine the required specifications and models of deep-hole drilling and boring machine.


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