How To Choose Deep Hole Cutter Tools
Jun 01, 2018

How to choose deep hole cutter tools

Deep hole tool in deep processing is an indispensable equipment, in order to just use a deep hole tool, in the purchase of the time to pay special attention, more can not blindly buy cutting tools, the specific need to pay attention to what, the following we will give you a detailed introduction:


Deep hole processing experience different material, different processing requirements only use the corresponding bit cutting angle, can achieve good processing quality, higher deep hole tool effective life, effectively reduce production costs. Selection rules for deep hole cutters:

1, please indicate whether the tool is deep hole drill or gun drill.

2. Please specify the diameter of the drill bit and the effective length of the drill pipe.

3. When deep hole drilling is used, if the hole depth is more than 35 times the diameter of the drill bit, it should be used in stages.

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