How To Deal With The Following Troubles In Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Nov 21, 2018

  1. When the drilling operation of deep-hole drilling machine is out of balance or has shortcomings, press the "quick reset" button to make the drilling interrupted and fast reset. The drill bit withdraws from the hole.

2. Only when the deep hole drilling machine is in critical condition, can we stop drilling according to the "urgent discontinuous" button. According to the "urgent discontinuous" button, the drill bit is stuck or cracked.

3. When carrying out normal maintenance of machine tools, such as replacing drill bits, replacing belt, replacing gears, cleaning up deep-hole drilling machines, etc., ensure that the power switch of machine tools is blocked and the main switch is placed in the "0" position.

4, repair and replace parts of electrical system should be done by skilled and approved personnel.

5. Deep-hole drilling machine initial work and completion of the operation of the next, it is necessary to follow the operation of the deep-hole drilling machine instructions some rules to operate.


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