How To Improve The Working Efficiency Of Deep Hole Drilling And Boring Machine?
Jun 15, 2018

How to improve the working efficiency of deep hole drilling and boring machine?

Deep hole drilling and boring machine is a common processing equipment in deep hole processing. In actual processing, the processing efficiency of deep hole drilling and boring machine occupies an important position in the process of deep hole processing. Therefore, improving the working efficiency of deep hole drilling and boring machine can greatly shorten the processing cycle of deep hole and improve the efficiency of production and processing. The two main factors that determine the working efficiency of the deep hole drilling and boring machine are the cutting speed and the feed speed. To achieve the best processing efficiency, we should pay attention to several aspects.

First, ensure the coaxality of the drill pipe bracket, the cutter guide sleeve and the spindle of the machine head box and the drill pipe box.

Second, control the deep hole boring and boring machine's stepless adjustment of feed speed.

Third, the cutting fluid system should maintain sufficient pressure and flow rate, and control the cleanliness of the cutting fluid.

Fourth, at any time, the index of the intelligent control display of machine tools, such as the value of spindle load meter, feed speed, cutting fluid pressure, cutting fluid flow control, cutting fluid temperature, etc., is controlled in the allowable range.

Fifth, before drilling, ensure that the tool guide position is accurate.

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