How To Operate The Workpiece With A Deep Hole Tool
May 22, 2018

How to operate the workpiece with a deep hole tool

When selecting deep hole tools, the size of deep hole cutting tools should be adapted to the surface dimensions of the workpiece. Vertical milling cutters are often used in the processing of the contour of the middle plane parts. When milling the plane, the carbide blade milling cutter should be selected; when the convex and grooves are processed, the high speed steel vertical milling cutter is selected; when the rough surface or the rough machining hole is processed, the corn milling cutter is selected for the carbide inserts. The ball milling cutter, annular milling cutter, conical milling cutter and disc milling cutter are often used for machining.


In the process of free-form surface, the cutting speed of the end of the deep hole tool is zero, so in order to ensure the precision of the machining, the cutting distance is usually very tight, so the ball head is often used for the finishing of the surface. While the flat head deep hole tool is superior to the ball head tool in the surface processing quality and cutting efficiency, so the flat head should be preferred as long as the rough cutting is guaranteed and the rough machining or fine machining of the surface should be preferred. In addition, the durability and precision of deep hole cutters have a great relationship with the price of deep hole cutting tools. It must be noticed that in most cases, though the choice of a good deep hole tool increases the cost of the deep hole tool, the resulting processing quality and efficiency can greatly reduce the cost of the whole processing.

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