​Importance Of Grinding Angle Of Gun Drill In Deep Hole Processing
Jun 16, 2018

Importance of grinding angle of gun drill in deep hole processing

Gun drill is the most common tool in deep hole processing, and its internal cooling and chip removal is the most obvious feature. Gun drilling has many advantages, such as high efficiency, high machining quality and low use cost, so it has been applied more and more widely in hole machining. The sharpening of the drill is very simple. It is very convenient to sharpen the angle of the grinder on the sharpening machine through the special tool RMQ-B for grinding the drill. Next, the grinding angle of gun drill with different diameters is briefly introduced. 

1. diameter 5mm gun drill grinding angle; 


Remarks: because the diameter of the drill gun in this specification range is small, the outer edge cutting edge can not be left. The drill point needs to be controlled at the 1/4 diameter. 

2.  5mm < diameter 20mm gun drill's grinding angle 


Remarks: the outer edge of the cutting edge is about 0.2mm.

3. the grinding angle of a diameter 20mm < diameter gun drill


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