Importance Of Power Supply In Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Nov 26, 2018

Importance of Power Supply in Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Power supply is the energy support part to maintain the normal operation of the system deep-hole drilling machine. The direct result of its failure or failure is to cause the shutdown of the deep-hole drilling machine system or destroy the whole system. In addition, part of the operation data, setting data and processing program of the CNC system are generally stored in RAM memory. When the system is powered off, it is maintained by the backup battery or lithium battery of the power supply. As a result, the downtime is relatively long, and the data loss may be caused by unplugging power supply or memory, which makes the system unable to operate.

At the same time, because the deep-hole drilling machine uses three-phase AC 380V power supply, so safety is also an important part of the pre-installation work of CNC equipment. Based on the above reasons, there are certain requirements for the power supply used in deep-hole drilling machine.


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