Introduction Of Deep Hole Gun Drilling Machine
Jun 08, 2018

Introduction of deep hole gun drilling machine

The industry name of the gun drill is called the single edged chip deep hole drill, because it was first used for deep hole processing gun barrel, so it was later called "gun drill".

The unique advantage of the gun has solved the difficult problem of small diameter and deep hole processing in traditional manufacturing industry, greatly improves production efficiency, breaks through the bottleneck which has always affected production quality and hinders production progress, and has achieved very gratifying effects. So far, it has been widely used in automobile industry, Aeronautical Industry, medical equipment industry, mould and knife. With the same manufacturing industry.


A gun drill is made up of a drill with a V cutting edge and one (or two) cutting fluid, a crescent drill pipe and a drill handle used for holding. It is mainly suitable for deep hole machining with a hole depth to hole diameter ratio greater than 100 times, especially for deep hole machining of phi 2~ 6.

The principle of the gun drill is that the handle of the gun is clamped on the spindle of the machine tool, and the bit enters the surface of the workpiece through the guide hole or guide sleeve. After entering, the 2-3 blade of the circular arc face of the bit plays the guiding role and the effect of the extrusion hole. At this time, the high pressure cutting fluid is sent to the cutting area through the small hole in the bit, to process the deep hole, lubricate and help to drain the chip, and the chip and the cutting fluid are discharged along the V groove of the bit.

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