Knowledge Explanation Of CNC Deep Hole Gun Drill
Jul 10, 2018

Knowledge explanation of CNC deep hole gun drill

CNC deep hole drilling, also called deep hole drill, because of the earliest use of weapons manufacturing industry, so called gun drill. With the continuous development of science and technology, deep hole processing has become a convenient and efficient processing method. It is widely used in automobile industry, space industry, structure and construction industry, medical equipment industry, mould, tool, tool industry, oil pressure, air pressure industry and so on.


The gun drill is an ideal solution for deep hole processing. The precision machining effect can be obtained by using the gun drill. The machined hole position is accurate, the straightness, the coaxiality are high, and the surface finish and the small deviation are very high. It can easily process various forms of CNC deep hole drill. In practical application, the process of first drilling and reaming can be replaced by one processing, and it has strong process reliability.

The drill can drill cast iron, carbon steel, copper, aluminum alloy, alloy steel and so on. He completes the drilling, boring and hinges once, and a high precision (IT8-11 grade), fine straightness (0.16-0.5mm/1000mm), and low roughness (Ra6.3-Ra0.8) hole can be processed at one time. Its drilling line speeds up to 30-100 meters per cent.

The gun drill is mainly used for drilling the diameter of small holes, larger than 1.5mm-38mm, and the length diameter ratio of drill holes is X150 times the diameter of drill bits. (that is, the maximum drilling depth), the high pressure coolant reaches the cutting part through the spindle and the center of the drill bit. Iron scraps are discharged through the V groove on the bit

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