Main Structure Of NC Deep Hole Drilling And Boring Machine
Jul 09, 2018

Main structure of NC deep hole drilling and boring machine

1) the machine tool is made up of the bed. The main components of the headbox, oil teaching device, traw board, traw board feed system, center frame, tow frame, boring bar support, boring bar box, cooling system, electric system, hydraulic system, and chip removing device.


2) machine tool bed,carriage, box, oil pressure head body, support body and other parts all use high strength cast iron and resin sand to ensure good rigidity, high strength and good accuracy. The machine bed adopts advanced international medium frequency quenching, quenching depth 3 - 5mm, HRC48-52, and high wear resistance.

3) oil is supplied by the oil pressure head, and the concentricity of the oil pressure head is high with the spindle of the machine tool, and the replacement of the guide sleeve is convenient. The boring way is pushing and boring, and the chip removal method is the front chip. The workpiece is rotated and used for clamping and positioning of the workpiece. The boring bar rotates and is driven by trailing plates to achieve longitudinal feed.

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