Maintenance Of Deep Hole Boring Machine
May 14, 2018

Maintenance of Deep hole boring machine

The use of deep hole boring machine in our daily life is best half a year to do a big maintenance, if not familiar with machine tools or inconvenient, you can ask the manufacturer or professional to carry out maintenance, It includes checking whether the guide rail is worn, whether the motor's sound and anti-collision switch function are properly protected, and whether the cables connecting the moving parts are worn or not.


1, correctly use the deep hole boring machine to keep the machine appearance clean.

2, guns, tools, fixtures, tools should be placed neatly.

3, deep hole boring machine protective cover, line rail iron chip.

4, every week to deep hole boring machine X, Y, Z axis rail oil, pump back and forth 10 times.

5, clean up the worktable of deep hole boring machine as far as possible after work.

6, do not put anything on the spindle motor cover of deep hole boring machine.

7, clean up the iron scraps of the deep hole boring machine lower and lower cylinders every day. The iron scrap barrier on the oil cylinder surface should be checked every day and the iron scrap should be cleared away in time.

8, check whether the barometer of deep hole boring machine is enough pressure, too much water, and drained in time.

9, according to the deep hole boring machine to cut the dirty degree of oil, timely cleaning the large and small filter network in the oil tank, 3-5 days to clean it out, the large filter net three months clean up, oil is too dirty, one month cleaning.

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