Matters Need Attention About Deep Hole Drilling Machine Processing
May 12, 2018

Matters need attention about Deep hole drilling machine processing

1, The drill bar is limited by the aperture, the diameter is small, the length is large, the rigidity is poor, the strength is low, the vibration, the ripple and the taper are easily produced in the cutting, and the straightness and the surface roughness of the deep hole are influenced.


2.When drilling and reaming, the cooling lubricating fluid is difficult to enter into the cutting area without a special device, so that the tool durability is reduced and the cuttings are difficult.

3. In the process of deep hole drilling processing, the cutting situation can not be observed directly. It can only be used to hear the sound, watch the chip, feel the vibration and  the temperature of the workpiece, watch the meter (oil pressure meter and the electric meter)to judge the normal cutting process.

4. Chip removal is difficult. It must adopt reliable methods  to break the chip  and control  length and shape of the chip , so as to facilitate smooth elimination and prevent chip blockage.

5. In order to ensure the smooth operation of deep holes and to meet the required processing quality, the cutters inside (or outside) device, tool guide and support device and high pressure cooling lubricating device should be added.


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