Matters Needing Attention For Disassemble Deep Hole Drilling And Boring Machine
May 15, 2018

Matters needing attention for disassemble deep hole drilling and boring machine

What are the matters of attention to disassemble a deep hole drilling and boring machine  Let's learn something about it.

First, remove the large parts of deep hole llring and boring machine, and maintain the principle of caution and safety. When disassembling, check carefully that locking screws and steel plates are open.


Sencond,In the assembly precision of the key parts of the large dismantling, the original assembly position relationship can still be maintained when reassembled. It does not affect the integrity and damage of the parts. The printing work must be completed before disassembly, and the marking must be completed before disassembly.

Third, The parts of deep hole drilling and boring machine are rare and with high precision. deep hole drilling and boring machines should be especially careful when disassemble. In general maintenance, it can not be deleted, especially optical elements.

Finally ,The deep hole drilling and boring machine must adhere to the principle of disassembly serving the assembly. The technical data decomposition bed is incomplete and records must be removed during the disassembly process. According to the principle that the assembly is first descended.

More information about deep hole drilling and boring machine will be updated soon , please continue to pay attention to our website!

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