Mltor Deep Hole Drilling Machine for Pellet Ring Die
Dec 28, 2018

Product Description

  • Layout: Horizontal

  • Number of Shaft: 4

  • Automatic Grade: Automatic

  • Certification: CE

  • Structure: Deep Hole Drilling

  • Controlling Mode: CNC

  • Hole Diameter: <50mm

  • Precision: High Precision

  • Condition: New

  • Origin: China

This high-efficiency 4 spindle deep hole drilling machine is specially designed for the manufacturing of ring die which used in the feed pellet mill. Because of its rational structure, compact layout, low consumption, high efficiency. It must be the ideal choice for pellet ring die drilling manufacturer. It is capable of 24 hours unmanned processing.<o:p>

Machine Features:
CNC systemSpecial drilling system for ring-die 
Mature software & hardware system, use-friendly operation,
stable performance, no programming required.
Drive motor motor, oil-proof and anti-corrosion.
Spindle inverter
& motor
Mitsubishi inverter, frequency control, suit for different hole diameter. Real time detection of spindle rotation speed.
Mechanical driveAdopt Taiwan ball leading screw, imported bearing, high precision indexing disc.
Hydraulic stationImported oil pump, able to work for a long period of time,
can start one or both pumps separately.
Automatic chip cleanerImported permanent magnet steel, strong magnetism.
Paper filterAdopt drum type filter to increase filter precision,filter precision up to 10μ 
Oil coolerAutomatic adjust according to the surrounding, high cooling efficiency,  you can also use water cooling device instead to reduce oil temperature.
Electric cabinetSchneider/Phoenix elements. Electric cabinet and machine metal sheet are designed in one piece, greatly reduce occupation area.
Machine baseA whole piece resin sand casting, weighs up to 10 tons.
Spindle spacing adjustmentPrecisely adjust the spacing between two spindles according to the value shown on the screen, minimum precision is 5μ.
Oil-mist separatorAdopt non-consumable material device, save using cost and keep workplace clean.
Multiple protectionMultiple protection are set in the core parts of the whole machine to prevent accident when running.
Tool breakage automatic stopIf the drilling bit broke, system will detected automatically, the machine will stop and alarm.
Automatic tool- sharpen hintCan set the tool-sharpen gap, system will give the hint to user to sharpen the tool when drilling to the preset hole.

01, Spindle moving stroke: 550mm<o:p>
02, Drilling diameter: 0.8 ~ 5mm<o:p>
03, Drilling thickness: Max 200mm<o:p>
04, Ring die size: dia300-800mm (inner), dia1100mm (outer)<o:p>
05, Positioning accuracy: 0.02mm<o:p>
06,Spindle feed speed: Max 1500mm/min<o:p>
07, Spindle speed: 6000 ~ 15000RPM (stepless)<o:p>
08, Total power: 30KW<o:p>
09, System language: Chinese / English<o:p>
09, Appearance size: 370 × 200 × 270 cm<o:p>
10. Machine weight: 10 tons (approx)<o:p>

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