Operation Characteristics And Processing Process Of Deep Hole Honing Machine
Jul 04, 2018

Operation characteristics and processing process of deep hole honing machine

The honing head of the deep hole honing machine adopts the AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation, the reciprocating motion adopts the chain stepless speed regulation, the movement is stable, the work piece is fixed and the chain is locked tightly, and it is simple and reliable. 


During the honing process of the deep hole honing machine, the sand bar and the workpiece always keep constant pressure, so that the sand bar is grinded strongly, and the high efficiency of deep hole processing is ensured. The general cylindrical deep hole parts are honed after rough boring. If the cold drawn steel pipe is used, the strong honing can be carried out directly, and the tradition of the deep hole processing is changed. The process method effectively improves the productivity. The deep hole honing machine is made of cast iron and all kinds of steel, including hardened parts. The cooling system of the deep hole honing machine adopts three stage filtration, which fully ensures the cleanliness of the coolant. The control of the deep hole honing machine is concentrated on the electric control center, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

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