drill collar drilling machine
Dec 12, 2017


Technical parameters:

Hole diameter range :Φ30mmΦ100mm

Hole boring diameter range:Φ40mmΦ200mm

Hole Max depth.: 12m

Center height(from flat guide to spindle center ):350mm

Job clamping diameter range:Φ60300mm

Main motor :N=30kW

Spindle rotate range:42670r/min  12 stage

Drill box speed range : 82—490r/min  6 stage

Drill box motor: N=30kW   

Drill box spindle front taper hole: φ100mm

Carrier infeed speed range: 5450mm/min stepless

Carrier rapid move speed :2m/min

Infeed motor :N=7.5kW                  

Carrier rapid motor:N=5.5kW

Coolant pump motor:N=5.5 kw ×44group              

Coolant system rated pressure:2.5MPa

Coolant system flow:100200300400L/min      

Machine dimension(L×WXH ):30570mmx2700mmx1550mm

Machine weight: about  37T


Machine usage:

  The machine is specially used for cylinder jobs,the machine has good rigidity,good accuracy. In front of the machine,installed one set double chuck clamping device and two sets ring type center rest,which is suitable for drilling drill collar.

  The spindle rotate range is widely,infeeding system is driven by AC servo motor,which can be used for variously deep hole drilling process. Oil pressure fasten device and job tight adopts hydraulic device,instrument display,safe and reliable. 

Machine basic structure and components:

1)Machine bedGuide rail adopts double flat rail design,machine bed width 650mm. Material is super casting iron HT300. artificial aging treatment;guide rail surface middle frequency quenched,quenched depth 2-3mm,quenched hardeness HRC45-50. High precision and good abrasion resistance.

Machine Bed guide rail middle install”T” ball screw driven support carrier,used for infeeding and carrier rapid movement.


2)Headstock and chuck:headstock has three shifts,12 grades,speed range: 42-670r/min,headstock box iron adopts artificial timing,all the gears adopts super medium carbon steel or low carbon alloy steel,quench hardenness is more or less HRC48, gear grinding process,improve the working accuracy and wear resistance.  In front of the headstock,there is a button station,which can realize the spindle forward and stop control. The headstock is a non moving structure ,and the main motor is fixed on the bed body.

The lantern chuck is mainly fixed in front of the spindle,install 320mm  three-jaw chuck on the chuck body.   

3)Drill box the drill box is two shifts, six stage speed regulation,speed range: 82—490r/min.Drill box adopts super casting iron,HT250. Artificial aging. All the gears adopts super medium carbon steel or low carbon steel,quench hardness HRC48 more or less. gear grinding process,improve the working accuracy and wear resistance.  

Drill box has rotating and fixed two designs,when no need drill bar rotate,can lock the drill box.

4Oil pressure head Function of the oil pressure head

a.Input coolant liqud to the job and seal. b.Can install guide bush,which can guide the drill tool. c.Support drill bar

In front of the oil pressure head,we install the machine coolant and hydraulic display instrument,when the machine is processing,the operator can judge the machine working status.

5Double chuck clamping device 

The double chuck mounted in front of the oil pressure head,which can be better centering and support the job. This design is suitable for drill collar.

6Cutting liquid supply system: Mainly consists of oil box,oil transport tube,chips storage bin and oil return groove. Four groups pump and four gear pump,according to hole diameter,customers can get flow of 100 L/min ,200 L/min,300 L/min ,400 L/min three the buttons. The oil box is on the ground,not under the ground,no need dig the pit.

7Infeeding system: Dragged by the servo motor,after transmission through the gear box and through the T type screw driven,which can realize the carrier forward and backward. Infeeding is stepless and speed adjustment range is 5 ~ 450mm/min.

8Drilling,boring bar rest Support the drilling bar,control the drilling bar move direction. Has the function of tight nylon bush and absorb drill bar vibration.

9)Electrical control system: Mainly electrical components adopts Schneider brand,much more steady and reliable.  

10Chips discharge bin: collect iron chips and cutting liquid,avoid cutting oil splash.

When drilling,adopts BTA,cutting oil will enter from oil pressure head, through drill tool outer and processed(drilled) surface ring into cutting area,bring the chips into the back(drill box direction),go into the chips discharge tube,and flow into the chips bin.

11)Ring type center rest:The machine has two sets ring type center rest. Mainly can adjust job center and support job.

12Machine lubrication

The machine infeed carrier is mounted intermittent lubrication system, and it has automatic alarm function with low amount of oil, saving oil on the basis of the carriage and the feed screw can get sufficient lubrication in the greatest degree.Headstock and drill box each have their own set of lubricating device. Oil pressure head and drill bar support rest adopts manual lubrication.

13)Machine toolscustomer provide or separately ordered

14)Cutting oil and lubricate oil: customer provided


Machine processing accuracy:

DrillingHole accuracy IT9-11

Surface roughness Ra6.3-- Ra 12.5

Hole processing line straightness  Less than 0.15/1000mm

Hole exit deviation(center line) Less than 2mm/10000mm

Machine standard

GB/T 9061-2006   Metal cutting machine general technical conditions.

GB 5226.1-2002 Machine safety machinery electrical equipment,Part 1:General technical conditions

JB/T6088.1-2006 Deep hole drilling and boring machine,part one: precision inspection JB/T6088.1-2006  Deep hole drilling and boring machine,part two:technical condition


Mainly parts,brand and place of original


Mainly parts buy from outside,parts name

Manufacturer name and place

Hydraulic components  

Beijing Huade

AC servo motor and driven power

Beijing chaotongbu

Y series AC.motor

Dezhou Hengli



Low voltage electrical components


Coolant pump

Jiangsu Hongsheng(Taper gear pum)



One set of Tool knit with the machine free of charge.

Documents provided:

Manual book:

a)Machine mechanical manual book

Hydraulic system principle drawings

Lubrication system principle drawings

Machine foundation principle drawings

Driven system drawings   

Bearing distribution drawings

Maintain all driven box and mainly parts assemble drawings.

b)Electrical usage drawings       

Electrical principle drawing  

Electrical cable connection drawing   

c) Outside purchase parts manual if have.


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