Precautions For The Use Of A Gun Drilling Machine
Jul 05, 2018

Precautions for the use of a gun drilling machine 

Incorrect use of deep hole drilling tools may lead to serious personal injury, such as cuts.

The deep hole drilling tool itself does not have self-determination function and is not balanced, so at the beginning of the machining, the tool must be guided by a long enough guide or guide hole.


When the gun drill enters the guide sleeve or guide hole, it should not rotate, open the coolant first, and then activate the spindle.

After the depth of the processing hole is reached, turn off the coolant and start to retreat. When the tool is removed, the spindle should stop rotating.

The guide sleeve is a wearing part. When the wear diameter of the guide sleeve is greater than 0.2mm, it needs to be replaced.

Tool support: when the drill hole is more than 30-40 times the diameter of the drill hole, the drill should be drilled or add auxiliary support. The number of support is increased by one per 30-40 times the diameter.

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