Precision deep hole Honing Machine advantages
Dec 12, 2017

Machine usage:

The machine is used for cylindical jobs honing process.

Honed hole accuracy:IT6-IT7

Honed hole roughness: Ra0.2-Ra0.4μm

The machine can be partical honing,reparing the cylinders.


Newly design advantage:

Honing head expansion controlled by servo motor  


Expansion pressure is steady and reliable.  

Can inspect the workpiece inner hole automatically,which can realize partical honing, enhance the working efficiency.

Servo control can be controlled through CNC pannel,diginal read,adjustment accuracy.  

Honing oil feeding(outside and inside combined)


Honing oil go inside through honing bar,which will have big force to wash the honing dirties away.

Inside honing oil feeding can make up the long workpiece honing defect.  

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