Problems That Should Be Noticed When Using A Gun Drill
Jun 14, 2018

Problems that should be noticed when using a gun drill

1. the clamping of the workpiece must be safe and reliable, and it is coaxial with the center of the machine tool. The outer circle and the end face of the workpiece can be machined, at least the location of the car must be located.

2. when machining long workpiece, the fixed center frame should be used for the workpiece and gun drill. In addition, the drill pipe also needs 1-3 mobile support frames.


3. the center hole on the workpiece must be smaller than the diameter of the drill. If the size of the center hole can not be reduced, a special guide sleeve can be used.

4. to start drilling, it is necessary to use the guide drill sleeve. The inner diameter of the drill sleeve is matched with the diameter of the bit. The inner diameter of the drill sleeve should be worn to the IT6 level. When the workpiece is short or the straightness of the hole is not high, it can also be used to guide the Kong Lai guide on the workpiece.

 5. T he drill sleeve is a vulnerable part. When the inner diameter of the drill sleeve is more than 0.02mm, the drill sleeve should be replaced. It is best to use the hard alloy drill sleeve, the Shaanxi gold stone mechanical deep hole drill, and the basic drill sleeve material is the hard alloy.

The problems and causes of the 6. gun drilling process are as follows:

The gun drill bits can not drill into the job

1.gun drill bits inner edge is higher than Center

2.Posterior angle is too small

3.The cutter blade deviates from the center size too small

4.Too much wear and cutting blade breakage

5.The cutting speed is too low or the feed is too large

A strenuous vibration or bending of the gun drill bar.

1.the infeed amount is too large

2.The center frame or positioning guide sleeve is loose and can not support the drill bar.

3.chips blocked 

4.Too much wear and cutting blade breakage

Chips are easy to blocking

1.The cooling pressure is not enough, the pump is leaked, the inlet pipe is blocked

2.The viscosity of the coolant is too large and the cleanliness is poor

3.The oil intake hole of the cutter tool front end is blocked or the oil inlet is too small.

4.Chip shape is not conducive to chip removal

Coaxiality difference

1.Improper selection of the top head eccentricity and the residual angle of the inner and outer edges

2.The guide sleeve is overly worn or sloped

3.The axis position error of machine tools, tools and clamps is too large.

4.The bending of the workpiece is too large

Hole aperture super difference

1.The wagging of the outer diameter of a bit is too large

2.Too large gun drill bit wear

3.The blade material has affinity with the processed material and is easy to cause a knife tumor.

4.The machine is with low rigidity and low accuracy.

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