Processing And Precision Of Deep Hole Boring Machine
May 09, 2018

As a common machine tool, the use of deep hole boring machine has attracted much attention.

  1. It can be used  to finish drilling, boring, expanding and rolling of inner hole.

2. It has trepanning function . When processing, the workpiece is rotated and the cutter feed. The cutting fluid enters the cutting area by the oil pressure head, and the cutting area is cooled and lubricated and the chip is taken away.


3. When drilling, it adopts BTA drilling method which use the inner chip removal. When boring, the  The cutting fluid and cutting chips flow to the  front end  of the boring bar. 

4. It can be equipped with drilling/ boring box according to customers' requirements, workpiece can be rotated at low speed, and the cutter can rotate at high speed, so as to improve machining efficiency.

5. Machine accuracy:

Rough boring: Hole accuracy : IT9-10. Surface roughness: Ra6.3.

Fine boring: Hole accuracy: IT8-9. Surface roughness: Ra3.2.

 Rolling, Hole accuracy: IT8-9. Surface roughness: Ra0.2.

The straightness of the machined hole: less than 0.15/1000mm.

The exit deviation of the machining holes is less than 0.5/1000mm.

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