Processing Requirements For Deep Hole Drilling And Boring Machine
Nov 13, 2018

Processing requirements for deep hole drilling and boring machine

Deep-hole drilling and boring machine is generally used to process some deep holes, such as gun barrel, gun barrel and some shaft parts, so correspondingly, it is difficult for deep-hole drilling and boring machine to remove chips during processing. If the chips are not removed properly, it will cause tool breakage or damage to the workpiece. In general, attention should be paid when processing deep-hole workpiece. The following process requirements

1. The drill pipe home, tool or headstock spindle should be ensured to be on a coaxiality during processing.

2. adjust feed rate at any time to prevent breakage.

3. the chip liquid system must ensure adequate pressure and flow.

4. some of the indicators must be intact.

5. the guiding system for cutting tools should be accurate and guaranteed that there will be no deviation.


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